Lament in lockdown

by maggi dawn

I have been asked over and over whether I could write a hymn of lament for lockdown. So I did. Yesterday I made a very, very rough, one-take recording to my phone. (I have no access to real studio equipment just now) so it’s very raw. I wouldn’t normally share anything this roughly presented, but it’s a hymn for the moment, and if I wait until I can get to a studio the moment will have passed. So here it is, lockdown hair and all! If you like it please feel free to sing it yourself. Here it is (see recording and link to lead-sheet below)

Lament. words and music by Maggi Dawn. (C) 2020

The streets in silence lie, sorrow hangs in the air,
Death’s sting is bitter cold, evening falls heavy here.
How long, oh Lord, how long? God, who has never failed,
Your love will hold us fast until the future is revealed.

2. Dark watches of the night — oh, keep me from despair!
Lonely the watching hours, To you I turn my prayer:
Though you seem far away you never failed us yet;
Your love will hold us fast until we see your face again.

3. Show me the path of hope, let heaven’s mercies fall —
There death will have no sting, and love will conquer all.
Show us the way to life, lead us through these dark days,
Your love will hold us fast until our voices sound your praise.